Business Support

Growing together

Running a hairdressing business can be a lonely place. Salon Deliver is your best business friend. Your best business relationship. It is our role to help our salon partners grow their bottom line profits, through either helping reduce costs or by increasing sales.

We help salons increase sales through training in sales, product knowledge, merchandising, marketing and consultation training. We also help salon owners with increasing their profit margins, with proven business solutions.

Our business support is world class. No, really it is. The consultancy arm of our business, consults for businesses across the globe. 80% of our consultancy work is for New York, Wall Street, hedge funds investing in the hair industry. We help businesses from $50bn dollar hedge funds to small salon businesses and each business gets the same care and attention.

Jeff Letter our MD is a multi award winning salon owner and business person. He personally delivers the business support for our consultancy clients. His down to earth, easy to follow approach makes business fun. He is passionate about hair salons succeeding, growing and enjoying the process.

Salon partners buying their hair colour exclusively from Salon Deliver receive business consultancy completely free as part of the service.

When you purchase retail products from us you will receive free training, support and consultancy on all aspects of product knowledge, consultation training, merchandising, stock leveling, and sales techniques.

Make Salon Deliver you exclusive supplier for foil, colour and retail products and your support is unlimited. We are part of your business.We see it, that it is our job to ensure your business is more healthy for us being a part of it.

Live intimate business workshop 

Profit Pursuit

3rd October 2022 - 9am to 5pm
Mulberry & Flitch 286 Eastwood Road,
North, Leigh on Sea, Essex
Tickets available £200.00.

Swapping scissors for calculators. This one day workshop offers a select group of hairdressing business owners the chance to focus on their vision for their business. Creating the business's that will bring fun and happiness to this group of entrepreneurs. Covering all levels of salon expertise. Reminding ourselves about the things we can do, teaching ourselves new tricks and re-inforcing the things we do well.

The journey
Where can we go and how will we get there?
Eating that elephant
How to achieve something huge by succeeding small chunks
Write your success story
Design your vision of the future for your triangle of three
Create your culture
Build the environment that will enable your vision to grow. From paper to reality.
Walk the talk
Action plan

Profit pursuit is the best day’s work you will do this year. Turn your vision into reality and live the life you want. Make your business work for you, don’t fall into the trap of working for your business.

Join Multi award winning businessman Jeff Letter in creating the future you want for yourself, your guests and your team.

Interested in buying consultancy?

We strive to offer first class consultancy and the progress of our clients is very important to us. We are far from the cheapest and prospective consultancy clients are interviewed first and only after a successful interview process will paying clients be accepted.

Project 1&1

Exclusive to Executive Retail Salon Partners.
Ongoing training on all aspects of salon retail sales.

Simply qualify for our by invitation only 1&1 project and see your retail sales grow. Our team will guide you through all the aspects of your retail business including merdantising, stock control, product knowledge and sales training.

To find out how to qualify

Business Diagnostics

Who is it for: All Hairdressing business owners
Duration: 7 days
Time involved: Simply complete the worksheet and email to us. You will receive a full report within 7 days.
Investment: £125+vat

Our $200 per hour international business consultant and MD will spend time on your information worksheet looking for areas of your business where you can find some quick wins. Looking for areas where just a small change may make a big impact on your business. After 7 days we will submit back to you a full report on your business. Reporting areas where you will be excelling as well as the areas which could give you a big bottom line boost.


“When I decided to look at changing our product range, I asked for a meeting with Jeff from Salon Deliver. He reviewed my business and managed to save me money on my purchases as well as introducing me to the best colour range I’ve used in 30 years.

Easy to order with a strong education plan. Cherelle has great knowledge of the products and provides ongoing support.

Any issues are dealt with quickly and information on new products is quickly sent out.

I would recommend Salon Deliver to any salon owner.”

Sam Holden - Willows Hair

“I would like to recommend Jeff Letter and all his team at Salon Deliver. They help with all salon needs from the little things to the big things. Take a look at them. They are an amazing business.”

Ian Graham - Fibre Hairdressing