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Pamper yourself with our exclusive 72 Hair Retail, this bundles are curated to enhance your salon experience with precision and efficiency. 

  1. Nourishing 1ltr (x2): 72 Hair Nourishing 1ltr - Formulated with hydrolysed keratin and hydrolysed collagen to add strength, moisture and ultimately help reduce frizz. This luxurious shampoo will make you fall back in love with your hair with every wash. Priced at £9.49total: £18.98

  2. Moisture 1ltr (x2): 72 Hair Moisture 1ltr - gentle, SLS- and paraben-free formula fights frizz and gives hair incredible shine and health. With this luxurious shampoo from 72 Hair, you will fall in love with your hair every day anew. Priced at £9.49total: £18.98

  3. Hydrate 1ltr (x2): 72 Hair Hydrate Conditioner 1ltr - deeply nourishes and repairs dry and damages hair, leaving it smooth and hydrated.
    It will also help to protect your hair from sun damage and environmental pollutants. Priced at £9.49total: £18.98

           Grand Total: £56.94

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