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Pamper yourself with our exclusive Neal & Wolf Bleach deal, designed to provide the ultimate creative experience. Choose from our Bleaching products:

  1. Jumbo (x3): Neal & Wolf Blue Jumbo Jar Bleach Powder 500g is perfect for creating a uniform look across all lengths of hair. It lightens hair up to seven tones and perfectly prepares hair for precision lifting. Priced at £51.30 each, total - £153.90

  2. Ultimate 9 (x3): Neal & Wolf Ultimate 9 Tonalising Bleach Powder 500g is a unique formulation that lightens all hair types up to nine levels, delivering a cool undertone. £28.45 each, totalling £85.35

  3. Clay (x3): Neal & Wolf Foil-free Illumination Clay Bleach is a unique formulation that offers stylists even more creative freedom. Priced at £12.30 each, making the total - £36.90

  4. Illumination (x3): Neal & Wolf Illumination Cream Blue Bleach is perfect for partial or complete lightening of the hair by up to seven levels. Priced at £12.50 each, totaling £37.50.

         Grand Total: £313.65

Note: When the combined total of your chosen "Pick n Mix" deals exceeds £600 + VAT, you can choose a free package. These complimentary packages offer additional products valued up to £135.
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