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Pamper yourself with our exclusive Neal & Wolf Colour Accessories Deal, this bundles are curated to enhance your salon experience with precision and efficiency. 

1. Shade Guide (x1) : Neal & Wolf Shade Guide - Explore our diverse range of shades and uncover the meaning behind each number on our shade chart. Priced at £60.00

2. Scales (x1) : Neal & Wolf Scales - an essential tool for precise and accurate color measurements in the salon. Crafted with precision, these scales provide reliable readings, ensuring consistent color formulations for every client. Priced at £27.50

3. Bowl (x4) : Neal & Wolf Bowl - a must-have accessory for every salon professional. Designed for precise and efficient color mixing, this high-quality bowl ensures seamless application and consistent results. Priced at £2.25 each, total: £9.00

4. Brush (x4) : Neal & Wolf Brush - the ultimate tool for precise and effortless color application in the salon. Crafted with precision bristles and a comfortable grip handle, this brush allows for seamless color distribution and impeccable results. Priced at £2.25 each, total: £9.00

5. Spatula (x2) : Neal & Wolf Spatula - tool designed to streamline color mixing and application in the salon. Crafted with precision and durability, this spatula features a flexible stainless steel blade for effortless color blending and distribution. Priced at £3.50 each, total: £7.00

6. Apron (x2) : Neal & Wolf Apron - is great for protecting your clothes from hair products or hair colour when colouring, tinting or bleaching clients hair. Priced at £22.50 each, total: £45.00

           Grand Total: £157.50

Note: When the combined total of your chosen "Pick n Mix" deals exceeds £600 + VAT, you can choose a free package. These complimentary packages offer additional products valued at up to £135.
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