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Pamper yourself with our exclusive Neal & Wolf Colour deal. Designed to give your stylists the creative freedom to formulate any shade with confidence and provides your clients with the professional-standard, long-lasting colours they desire.

  1. Neäl & Wolf Colour (x60)

    • Permanent Colour combines pure pigment with the finest ingredients, such as organic essential botanical extracts, to significantly enhance each hair from the inside out.
    • Available in 129 shades, creating no fewer than 169 gorgeous colours, Permanent Colour allows stylists to stay one step ahead with the ultimate colour palette.
    • Our bespoke formulation is enriched with vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties to help retain hydration and reduce damage caused by UV rays, resulting in longer-lasting colour.

    Professional Cølour by Neäl & Wølf consists of 129 highly pigmented performance colours plus 40 cocktails. Each one has been designed by listening to the needs of your salons and stylists and offers savings of up to 50% versus most branded alternatives. Neäl & Wølf Cølour tubes are 100ml tubes with a mixing ratio of 1:1,5 giving you 250ml of product in the bowl. Priced at £4.95 each, total: £297.00    

           Grand Total: £297.00

Note: When the combined total of your chosen "Pick n Mix" deals exceeds £600 + VAT, you can choose a free package. These complimentary packages offer additional products valued at up to £135.
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