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  • 100 Neal & Wolf Colour Tubes for £825.00+vat
  • Use code "London" for an incredible 50% off! Get 100 Colour Tubes for only £412.50+vat
  • Personalized selection: Our team will reach out to you for your preferred shades

Note: Once the order is placed, our team will contact you via email or phone call to confirm your selection. 50 tubes at £8.25 each, and an additional 50 tubes for free. Limited stock available!

Neal & Wolf Colour Tubes - Permanent Colour combines pure pigment with the finest ingredients, such as organic essential botanical extracts, to significantly enhance each hair from the inside out. Available in 129 shades, creating no fewer than 169 gorgeous colours, Permanent Colour allows stylists to stay one step ahead with the ultimate colour palette. Our bespoke formulation is enriched with vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties to help retain hydration and reduce damage caused by UV rays, resulting in longer-lasting colour.