Quick Overview

Pamper yourself with our exclusive Neal & Wolf Styling, designed to elevate and streamline your salon experience by providing a comprehensive selection of professional hair care products.

Cleaning Kit - your salon experience with our comprehensive collection of professional hair care products. This bundle includes three of each of our best-selling formulas, including Control, Elevate, Enhance, Fix, Form, Glow, Guard, Miracle Mist, Shape, Silk, Texture, Uplift, Velvet, Aura, and Dry Shampoo. From styling to nourishing treatments, this bundle provides everything you need to create stunning hair looks for your clients. With a total of 42 products, priced competitively at £259.80, this bundle offers exceptional value and versatility for your salon. Elevate your hair care routine and indulge your clients with the luxurious formulas of Neäl & Wolf.

Bundle includes: 

Control (x1), priced at £4.80.
Elevate (x1), priced at £6.45.
Enhance (x1),
priced at £6.15.
Fix (x1), 
priced at £6.45.
Form (x1), 
priced at £6.45.
Glow (x1), 
priced at £6.45.
Texture (x1), 
priced at £6.15.
Aura (x1), 
priced at £10.50.
Dry Shampoo (x1), 
priced at £5.30.

 Grand Total: £58.70

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