Quick Overview

Pamper yourself with our exclusive Prisma Popups 150mm x 355mm, designed meticulously to meet the demands of salon professionals.

Prisma Popups 150mm x 355mm (x7) - Transform your hair coloring and highlighting routine with our deluxe Prisma Popups Foil 150mm x 355mm. Crafted with care to cater to the needs of salon experts, each sheet offers generous dimensions of 150mm x 355mm, ensuring perfect coverage for all hair types and lengths. Priced at £9.00, totalling £63.00

  • Prisma – Extra Large Pop Up Foil (150mm x 355mm) 250 Sheets
  • Extra large premium foil sheets designed for colouring and highlighting hair
  • Sheet size 150mm x 355mm
  • 13 micron
  • 250 Prisma foil sheets in each pack

         Grand Total: £63.00

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